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We are completely biased as we think we have the best School in Ireland! So here are some parents to tell you about their experiences!


Cliona Olwell
Cliona Olwell
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"I can highly recommend Mullingar Montessori & The Den After School Care service.

Our 2 girls attend The Den and they so enjoy it there. They get a nice little walk down from Holy Family school, chatting to their friends, then do their homework in a warm caring environment before enjoying some creative play time. They are full of news about the day at collection time and it’s lovely to hear all about the fun they have at the Den. And of course all about Bernie’s wonderful delicious meals keeping tummies full and satisfied! All the staff are lovely. We are lucky to have to have this wonderful service in Mullingar."


Jeanette McDonnell
Jeanette McDonnell
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"My daughter attended Montessori at age 3, she learned so much here, and continues to attend After School now.

She has made many friends there too. The staff are so good, and very friendly and attentive to all the children."


Sharon Ennis
Sharon Ennis
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"My daughter has been going to The Den After School for the last 4 years and is very happy there.

Has lots of friends and the staff are lovely and Chloe loves Bernie’s cooking even tough Chloe is a very fussy eater. She also goes during summer holidays to Summer Camp and over Easter. Huge outdoor area for playtime with lots of different arts and crafts etc. Would highly recommend The Den."


Veronica Mangan
Veronica Mangan
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"Our boy and two girls attend Ursula Keenan's Mullingar Montessori and After School Care part time and it is a great reliable service.

Very well run by lovely caring and very kind staff who provide yummy after school dinner and great homework assistance as well as art and singing and much much more a very enjoyable after school care for all which I would highly recommend."


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"Wonderful, quality early years educators!.

From the attention the children receive, the staff, the pleasant atmosphere and the facilities available, the service is of exceptionally high quality. My younger children love going, love the dinners and have made some great friends too."


Sylwia Golonka
Sylwia Golonka
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"My daughter is going to The Den After School, she is very happy.

The staff are very nice, friendly and helpful, really recommended."


Lisa Fagan
Lisa Fagan
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"Ursula Keenan and her staff are fabulous!!

Our Daughter has been attending The Den After School service for a few years and she thoroughly enjoys going there. She is always coming home with art work and telling us about the games they play outside. She also tells us the food is delicious!! I would definitely recommend The Den After School service."


Claire Ryan
Claire Ryan
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"My daughter started in the toddler room age two and has gone through ECCE Year 1 & 2 and is now in After School.

She has loved every one of her teachers there and went into junior infants 100% prepared. The staff are amazing including Bernie who has the magic touch at getting kids to eat their healthy dinners. She has made life long friends and already has 1000’s of memories having fun, playing with the pet animals and learning lots of skills."


Tallie Dubois
Tallie Dubois
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"Couldn’t recommend a better Montessori & After School Care service.

Our children love it here and we appreciate the staff so much who are always professional and kind in their communications. The facilities are amazing. you can tell some amount of time, investment, and creativity goes into keeping the children happy, active, & looked after. Our kids especially love playing alongside chickens & rabbits on the playground 🤪 They look forward to summer camp & Christmas time festivities the den offers as well."


Michelle Hearnes
Michelle Hearnes
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"Ursula and staff are so pleasant to deal with, never an issue to phone to check things.

Lovely facility and well maintained with regular updates and upgrades during my sons time there. "


David Devereaux
David Devereaux
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"I would highly recommend Mullingar Montessori and The Den After School.

All three of our children have attended, between their Toddler Service, the ECCE Service, Full Day Care and now the After School Care Service. We have only had a good experience over the years. They have a fantastic facility with very caring staff and Ursula Keenan keeps improving it year on year. Their Christmas Show is just the sweetest thing you’ll ever see, and it astounds me every year how the staff manage to direct such little kids in such a fun and entertaining way. I would definitely give Mullingar Montessori five stars. It’s great to know your children are being so well looked after and are learning whilst making friends and enjoying themselves. You couldn’t ask for more. "


Linda Evans
Linda Evans
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"My daughter started her ECCE in September 2022.

From the day we looked around the school, from the day she started, the support from Ursula and her staff have been exceptional. They go out of there way for each child. My daughter has progressed so much in the time she's been there. I couldn't recommend Mullingar Montessori enough."


Nina Maria Byrne
Nina Maria Byrne
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"Cannot recommend Mullingar Montessori & After school care enough.

Simply put it is the amazing staff that makes it so exceptional. Plus Ursula's experience, expertise and attention to detail underpins my child's development and most importantly it is FUN!!"


Edel Boles
Edel Boles
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"Our daughter has been attending The Den after-school for a number of years.

Ursula Keenan runs a great childcare service. The staff are great, so supportive and kind and there is so much to do for the kids, with plenty of space for outside play too. Bernie does a great job on the dinners, which are really popular, and they even have a Christmas dinner each year. I would recommend."


Emma Heduan
Emma Heduan
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"My boys attend Mullingar Montessori and they really enjoy it there.

They have made wonderful little friends in a learning and supportive environment. The staff are super caring, patient and lots of fun. They have amazing outdoor play facilities for all sessions. The staff go over and beyond for the kid’s graduation show!!! It’s just wonderful to watch and experience. During Covid 19, they followed all procedures and guidelines to ensure our little ones and their staff were kept safe and healthy, while still maintaining an atmosphere of fun! It was a credit to all the staff during a very difficult time."


Fionnuala Edmonds
Fionnuala Edmonds
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"Great facilities at Mullingar Montessori and The Den.

The Staff are very caring and wonderful at what they do with plenty of learning opportunities for children and an emphasis on fun and play along the way. Our children love it!"


Lorraine Turner
Lorraine Turner
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"My son joined year 2 room 6 Montessori in September and I have to say he's just at the end of his first term and he's the happiest little boy ever.

he looks forward to attending every day and cries when he can't attend if he's unwell.. he's almost writing his name where as he couldn't even hold a pencil before this. He's reading books at home .. before .. he wouldn't take his books out ... The Montessori itself is every child's dream equipped with the most beautiful and high standard facilities. The Staff are wonderful, helpful, kind and caring .. Sean Is loving every moment of his time here.. he's a very happy and lucky boy.. he adores his teacher Ann Marie .. well done to Ursula and all the staff that make this Montessori a magical and educational environment for our children .. highly recommended and 5 stars from Mum Dad and Seán Turner"


Clementine Bund
Clementine Bund
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"Having put 4 of my kids in so far I couldn’t be more happy to have them there.

The staff are so helpful and my kids love going in there, always aware of what is happening and knowing what your kiddos do for the month getting pics and making sure they settle well. I couldn’t recommend the Montessori enough. Ursula will go above and beyond to accommodate all your needs and help with any issues that would arise. Lots of hard work on everyone side and you know your little one would be ready for big school when the day comes. Thanks so much for always looking so well after them and us when needed."


Aileen Cassells
Aileen Cassells
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"Brilliant staff and professionally run.

Amazing garden and facilities for the children outside. My 3 children have attended for ECCE and love it!"


Airinga Stralkutė
Airinga Stralkutė
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"I do recommend Mullingar Montessori and the den to everyone I know!

My two babies loves it so much. Ursula is the best role model, the atmosphere she made, the play ground and the staff are the best. Thank you Ursula Keenan and all the staff that work so hard."


Nia Richardson
Nia Richardson
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"My children are so happy here.

The staff are always on hand to help with homework, if they need a snack and all the multitude of things a kid looks for and asks for. Wonderful place."



Our kids have happy memories for life from Mullingar Montessori

Our five children all attended the Toddler room and then went on to Montessori Class for two years.

All of our children really enjoyed their time at Mullingar Montessori School and were always so well taught and cared for by Ursula and her team.

We have been over ten years attending this wonderful service and I would highly recommend this school to any other family.  

Attending Mullingar Montessori has proven to be great start for our children

Our eldest son started primary school in September and it was a seamless transition for him because of his experience in Mullingar Montessori.

We have another son in his 2nd ECCE year and I can see his confidence building which will help him starting primary school next year. 

Our daughter who attends the toddler room really enjoys the interaction with other children her own age and enjoys the variety of things they do every day.  

They all learn so much without it being a chore.  It’s a fun place for them to be.  The staff are excellent and it is great to know they understand the children and their needs so well.  Its always lovely to drop the children off to a friendly happy environment. 

The garden is a great asset to the school as the children love getting out to play with their friends.

When he finishes he cannot wait for the next camp to start

My eight year old son Patrick attends the Summer, Easter and Halloween Camps at The Den. He has such a great time and makes lots of new friends. When he finishes he cannot wait for the next camp to start!

My daughter Emily Gail started in Mullingar Montessori in August 2018. She is so happy there and loves going to “school” every day!

The setting is amazing with lots of outdoor play in the fantastic garden. Her teachers and full day care assistants are superb and make her day fun filled in a safe and loving environment.

Ursula and the staff truly love and care for the children, you can feel it in the atmosphere and hear the joy and laughter.

Rory has spent two wonderful years at Mullingar Montessori. He started in  the baby room at two years old and was immediately made to feel comfortable and welcome.

We had been worried about leaving him but we were put at ease, he even had his own little bed for nap time .We loved reading his daily journal in the baby room making us feel like we were part of his day also.

Ursula and the staff truly love and care for the children, you can feel it in the atmosphere and hear the joy and laughter. Rory skipped in every day and loved his dinner and snacks, I think a take away service for parents dinners would work well!

He has learned so much and had great fun learning- from French Friday to the Life Cycles of Butterflies and Frogs. It’s amazing to hear a 3 year old talking about a chrysalis with such confidence, we even had a little song about it.

The outside play area is fabulous with activities that will keep all happy, the taxi tricycle a firm favourite in our house. Toys and facilities are constantly being updated and improved, there is great scope for imaginative play and fun.

Thank you so much for a memorable graduation and the amazing photo album and scrapbook. We will miss you all.

every morning she skips through the gate with excitement to get to the classroom.

I feel truly confident leaving Romy to Mullingar Montessori knowing every morning she skips through the gate with excitement to get to the classroom. 

Being a past student myself I know it has always been a fun filled, kind and caring environment that any child would love. 

The service that is provide his outstanding from school drop offs to hot nutritional meals there is nothing this montessori won’t do for anyone that goes there!

I can’t recommend this place enough and can’t wait to send my little boy there too know that everyone gets the same love and attention.

We are confident that their health and safety is a priority and most importantly, we always collect two very happy girls

Our two girls attend Mullingar Montessori and The Den after school service. Kayleigh is collected each day from school and dropped to The Den where she completes her homework and enjoys a nutritional meal and healthy snack afterwards.

The Den is bustling with activity, fun and laughter. Kayleigh continues to learn and develop in afterschool through the range of fun activities available to her. 

The Den also offers an excellent outdoor play facility ensuring she is benefiting from physical activity in the fresh air.

Maiya attends Montessori. She is cared for in a nurturing and rich learning environment. She talks fondly about her teachers who are kind, friendly and always show their care for her. 

They communicate her development to us and are always available to tell us about her day. It is a high quality service. 

The level of care provided to him is impossible to describe in words

My two boys have attended Mullingar Montessori and The Den after school care since March 2017. My little boy is almost 4 and attends full day care at Mullingar Montessori.

My son was extremely quiet and unhappy in the previous childcare facility he attended and to say he is a changed boy is an understatement. He has learned so much over the past 18 months and the teachers have helped him to feel at ease each day.

The level of care and attention that he receives on a daily basis is second to none. He  loves attending every day and regularly asks at the weekend if he is going to Crèche today.

My older boy is 8 and attends the breakfast club and after school service. He is dropped and collected from school each day. As we are both working parents, it helps to put our minds at ease each day to know that he has arrived at school and been collected from school on time each day.

The service provided  includes completion of homework and nutritional dinners (which are always a winner with our boys, their particular favourite is the cheesy pasta bake. One of the most important considerations when choosing The Den was the fact that there are no electronic devices allowed.

Children are encouraged to play outdoors with friends as much as possible. The introduction of Lego Club on Friday afternoon’s is definitely one of my son’s favourite activities.

I would not hesitate in recommending Mullingar Montessori to anyone. I just wanted to thank Ursula and all the teachers for their love and attention over the past 18 months. Here is too many more fond memories for my two boys.


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy (or Jill a dull girl!), and that’s what we experienced from Mullingar Montessori, but not to the exclusion of Trojan work.

Aifric had marked speech difficulties in her earlier years from being born with a cleft palate. But under the warm care and keen watchful eye of Mullingar Montessori from 2 1/2 years old, she excelled socially.

She made firm friends and overcame the academic limitations she might otherwise have felt in early education due to the speech issues at that time.

Ursula, totally above and beyond the call of any duty, proactively came to us, suggested and provided an onsite tutor for Aifric for 30 minutes one to one tuition each day in her final year.

This was to ensure Aifric kept the pace that they knew she would be capable of with that extra attention and that has most definitely stood to her in Junior Infants.

Aifric still adores The Den, attending twice weekly, really as a treat and for structured after-school play, as the social focus is second to none and there is always lots of fun to be had in a very safe and creative space.

We are extremely lucky this service is in our community

I cant even begin to explain the level of care, attention, time and strategies put in place to meet the needs of our two children who attend the Full Time day care and the Afterschool Programme, The Den.

Emily attends the afterschool programme whereby she is collected at the gate and brought to the den where she gets a home cooked healthy meal, engages in homework and fun activities. Its a struggle to get her to leave!!!

Rory attends the ECCE programme and fullday care. He is a different child since he started and now! The outdoor area is outstanding.

As a family working, we needed a service that could accommodate  the different stages our children are at particularly as our working schedules demanded early starts and late evenings at times.

We are extremely lucky this service is in our community and highly recommend it to any family who are looking for a montessori and afters hours programme who are leading and setting high standards in the childcare profession, in our opinion. Well done and thank you. Laura. 

it really means great peace of mind for both of us

We feel our kids are looked after in a caring environment with plenty of outdoor play and busy indoor art and crafts activities. With good meals, homework help and drop offs and collections to school, it really means great peace of mind for us while being at work during the day.

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